Milk Chocolate



  • Apricot and Marzipan …. A gently spiced milk chocolate with chunks of soft marzipan and dried apricots


  • Orangey Chew Chew   ………..  The name may be silly but it does sum up this chocolate! One of the first chocolates The Cacao Tree made, it has stood the test of time.  Ever popular, sweet and chewy with its dried dates and orangey chocolate.


  • Currant & Fudge  ………. Our newest milk chocolate flavour, with scattered currants and dairy fudge chunks making this a real sweetmeat.


  • Nut Nosh  …………  Walnuts, brazils, hazelnuts and almonds simply strewn across our smooth milk chocolate


  • Butter Milk Chomp………Our secret recipe butter caramel has been stirred through our sweet milk chocolate to create a sticky – fingered treat!





  • Chick’s Chilli………If you thought the Chilli Bang was hot, then try this one! Named after a young customer who visited the shop recently and didn’t bat an eyelid at its strength, when all the adults around were charging toward the nearest fire extinguisher! Dark chocolate with many crushed chilli seeds and still with a dash of lime.


  • Chilli Bang   ………  Our chilli bang is really getting a name for  itself!  It has a ‘late arrival’ of Aztec tingle which warms your throat and the chilli is complimented with a dash of lime. Dare you try it?


  • Lemon & Cardamom  ………  Not a common flavour but when it’s tasted it can knock you for six. Ground cardamom seed in a lemony dark chocolate.  It works but we don’t know why!


  • Liquorice & Aniseed ………  Soft organic liquorice and aniseed chocolate gathers its fans whenever it is tasted with its unusually flavoursome texture.


  • Cherry Bash  ………  Black cherries embellished with small nuggets of marzipan and almond to create a full bodied flavour.


  • Ginger Gibber  ……… With a little dried rosemary to embellish the flavour, this ginger chocolate is usually the most popular with our more mature customers but we feel there is a revolution in the offing


  • Marmalade & Nutmeg  ……… Perfect for warming yourself up on a cold day, this chocolate is a tangy, spicy little number! With Fairtrade Marmalade


  • Peppercorn & Rose  …… Leaving a gentle tingle on your tongue and an ambience of rose, this is our newest dark chocolate to excite our customers.


  • Tea & Biscuits  ……… As lovers of Earl Grey tea, we felt it was only right to make a chocolate with this combination!  Rapidly becoming our most popular chocolate.


  • Perfect Pitch (80%) …. It’s SO dark it’s almost ‘Pitch’ black!  With 80% cocoa solids, it’s for true purists.  One small bite can send your taste buds into orbit. Taste a bit of the dark side and think how much healthier it is too!





  • Summer Lavender ….. Speckled with dried lavender – taste the smell in your mouth!


  • Raspberry & Almond Oggle ……. White chocolate flavoured with Amaretto and sprinkled with whole almonds & dried raspberries.


  • Dizzy Lemon ……. Perfect for freshening the palate after a meal. Zingy and tangy on the tongue.


  • Yummy Hunny …….. How sticky is this! Yummy local honey from ‘Welsh Borders Honey’ and gooey raisins!


  • Coffee Caboodle  …… Cappuccino style chocolate with Fairtrade coffee, dark chocolate mochabeans and speckled with ground coffee and cinnamon.


  • Banana Split ….. White chocolate with Fairtrade dried bananas and topped with dark chocolate sprinkles.



Gifts Boxes



Hot Chocolate & Dipsticks


  • Hot Chocolate

We sell bags of  “make your own”  hot chocolate, which contain small chunks of chocolate which can be melted in warmed water or milk, frothed and enjoyed! Each bag comes with a “How to make it recipe


  • Hot Chocolate ‘Jocolatte’

Hot Chocolate ‘Jocolatte’ with 70% cocoa solids. The diarist Samuel Pepys was an ardent fan of chocolate or “Jocolatte” and a regular frequenter of chocolate houses strongly believing in the restorative powers of chocolate.


  • Dipsticks

Fresh cream and dark chocolate batons hand-rolled in red cocoa powder – perfect for dunking into your hot chocolate!  62% cocoa solids.


Chocolate coated coffee beans


Strong, crunchy and morish, these Arabica beans really hit the mark.

(Please Note: This product is supplied, but not manufactured by, The Cacao Tree)